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The Ramper Vehicle



RC Toys -- Ramper

The Ramper© 2007 Emirimage Corp. All rights reserved, is a Medium 6 Channel radio controlled car. It comes in three different colors assorted It has five wheels, the middle wheel lights up, it has lights on the missiles and upper body, the four wheels on the side of the car work like arms,allowing the ramper vehicle to stand up, flip, and even GO OVER STAIRS!!!. It will last you 22-25 minutes of constant use in one full charge. This is definetly the ultimate radio control car in the market, with the function of most stunt cars combined, and much more. It comes with the AC/DC charger, rechargeable battery pack and 9 volt controller battery.It is ASTM & FCC approval, is an exclusive item in the US.

The Ramper Vehicle © 2005 Emirimage Corp. All rights reserved

The Ramper Stunt Vehicle © 2007 Emirimage Corp. All rights reserved

We own the USPTO: DD# 582433 Patent Pending 29/277,770, and Copyrights.

Ramper Video 

RC Cars -- Ramper Video

Watch the Ramper in Action


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