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Legal Notices

This section of our site is to inform our buyers of the authenticity of our products. Please be advised that the products listed here below are Trademarks,Copyrights and/or patent pending of Emirimage Corp. All rights reserved. The purchase of these items from a source outside Emirimage Corp and/or its affiliates and distributors is considered a crime. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please contact us if you know of someone offering our products and/or in violation of this notice.

All information posted here below was pulled from WWW.USPTO.GOV feel free to go and check. WARNING: Don't accept copies, dont be fooled into buying a pirated product, it's against the law.



Micro X Copter

  • Micro X Copter : US Patent Pending # 29/280,425
  • Micro X Copter D-FLY : US Patent Pending # 29/281,265
  • Micro X Copter ©2007 Emirimage Corp. All Rights Reserved
  • Micro X Copter D-FLY ©2007 Emirimage Corp. All Rights Reserved
  • Micro X Copter Cicada : US Patent Pending # 29/281,821
  • Micro X Copter Cicada ©2007 Emirimage Corp. All Rights Reserved
  • Micro X Copter Charger ©2007 Emirimage Corp. All Rights Reserved
  • Micro X Copter FIGHT ©2007 Emirimage Corp. All Rights Reserved
Word Mark MicroXCopter
Goods and Services IC 028. US 022 023 038 050. G & S: Electronically operated toy motor vehicles; Radio controlled toy vehicles; Remote control toys, namely, helicopters and airplanes; Toy airplanes. FIRST USE: 20061114. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20061114
Design Search Code 18.09.03 - Helicopters
20.03.06 - Address labels; Hang tags; Identification tags; Labels; Tags (paper)
26.09.02 - Plain single line squares; Squares, plain single line
26.09.14 - Squares, three or more; Three or more squares
26.11.14 - Rectangles (three or more rectangles); Three or more rectangles
26.11.21 - Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded
Trademark Search LETS-1 X A single letter, multiples of a single letter or in combination with a design
Facility Classification SHAPES-COLORS-3-OR-MORE Design listing or lined for three or more colors
Code SHAPES-GEOMETRIC Geometric figures and solids including squares, rectangles, quadrilaterals and polygons
Serial Number 77098951
Filing Date February 5, 2007
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition July 24, 2007
Registration Number 3306290
Registration Date October 9, 2007
Owner (REGISTRANT) Emirimage Corporation CORPORATION FLORIDA 5269 NW 161st Street Miami FLORIDA 33014
Description of Mark The color(s) red, yellow, white, gray and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The color red appears in the letter "X"; the color yellow appears in the wording "COPTER"; the color white appears in the writing " MICRO" and along the bottom portion and right side of the inner rectangular shaped band encircling the design; the color gray appears along the top portion and left side of the inner rectangular-shaped band encircling the design, and also in various sections along the sides of the outer rectangular and encircling the design, to represent shine; the colors gray and white also appear in various shades outlining the wording "MICRO, "X" and "COPTER", the color black appears in the remainder of the outer rectangular- shaped band encircling the design and in the inner rectangular- shaped portion of the background of the design.
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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