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News Flash!

News Flash !

--Welcome To Emirimage.com's News Flash !--

May 17, 2007

--Welcome to another entry on Emirimage Corp's Blog. Today is a very exiting day for the company as we just got a "featured company" article at the Wholesalecentral.com website. Our Company was featured for the R/C Toys and Educational Toys Category.

-- A lot of excitement here at the company as this recognition will defenetly increase the so looked for prestige we've been fighting for all this years. "We knew we were going to be recognized one day" said president Eduardo Perl. "It was only a matter of time before the "above standard quality" of our toys was recognized". Emirimage Corp and our RC cars will continue to push forward in the RC toys marketplace. Our goal said Sales rep Daniel Cabello is to have an Emirimage RC Toy in each home by 2008. And today we took another giant step towards this.

--You can check the Original article HERE, Wholesalecentral.com staff has always been a very supportive. Thank You guys, from the Emirimage Corp team

May 15, 2007

--A new line of helicopters hosted by Emirimage Corp. The World Of ULTIMASS is coming soon.We are also going to update the inventory in our site sometime in next few weeks to accomodate the new line RC toys, RC Cars, RC Helicopters, RC Boats and Educational Toys. To learn more call our sales department to request a demo in advance.

April 26, 2007

--We just received a container with Stuner X stunt Motorcycle. Wether you have a mall kiosk or a flea market booth our Rc toys will get you incredible profit.

--Our Rc Helicopters are going to be updated soon we are going to have big and small Rc helicopters all colors all flavors so stay tunned and bookmark us, swing by once in a while, we will post on this page when all these incredible Rc toys get here.

--For now thats all the news we have. We are fully stocked on all other items. Go to our products page evrything you see there we have in stock. And if we don't have it under products call us and ask, we might have it on stock anyways ( not all Rc toys and Rc cars are listed on our website )

April 5, 2007

--Updated content on our site map, our costumers can now access a new and improved site-map here.

--New RC toys just came in. RC cars costumers dont wait till the last minute. These RC toys are selling FAST.

April 4, 2007

--For our costumers convenience we have updated our site with a site map, you can see it here.

--The new Order and Credit Card forms are available for download in our "How to Order" section.

April 2, 2007

--Updated product Videos.

--Our costumers can now see our Hottest RC Toys and RC Cars in action. Go to our Videos section to see them. We will be adding more as we go.

March 29, 2007

--A new shippment has arrived. We now are fully stocked of Stuner X Stunt Vehicle, Stuner X motorcycle and Ramper Stunt Vehicle. All other items are also in stock, our sales reps are standing by for your order. We are ready to ship to your bussines anytime thanks to our warehouses in Miami and Los Angeles we are always stocked. Don't get caught off guard when the season starts. Head to the How to order section NOW! and Download the Forms.

February 29, 2007

--Major site change, we updated our entire website.

--Welcome to the new Emirimage.com or Emirimage2.0 as we call it, This new version of our webpage has the following features:

1. New videos for products.

2. All new sleek design.

3. Less flash for better load times.

4. More accurate data.


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